How to start a Telle Girl
Empowerment Club with your

A Telle club can be a club you start outside of school with friends or at your youth organization.

Obviously - you don’t need a club to use Telle. You can always answer questions and post content as yourself or anonymously

Just get a few friends together and start a club on Telle.

Setting up a club is super easy. Download Telle here:

Then go to: “community” => and then to the “You” tab and tap “start a club”
Name your club, invite the people you want to join the club and you are done!

Now you can answer questions and post to the community as a club.

You can also communicate with the rest of the club on “Telle IRL” - alert them about meetings if you are having them,
and share questions from the Q&A section so you can all discuss even when you are apart.

Remember you can get stickers for your club members by emailing us at
All you need to do is set up a club, answer a few questions posted by other girls and/or create some posts for the Telle community and we will ship them to you!

We update them all the time, the current ones look like this:

Collect them all :)