How to start a
Telle Girl Empowerment Club at school

Creating a Telle club is a great way to help and empower girls all over the world, develop leadership skills, and meet new like-minded people from your school.

If you need help beyond this tutorial - you can always email us at

Obviously - you don’t need a club to use Telle. You can always answer questions and post content as yourself or anonymously.

Here are a few tips on how to start your own Telle Club:

Your school probably already has a system for creating clubs, especially if you are in high school. Check the school website for instructions and a link to register your club. If you’re not sure how to do this, ask your academic adviser, a teacher, or someone at the school office. If your school doesn’t have clubs - this is a great opportunity to start one!

Even if the school year already started and club rush is already over, most schools will still let you start a club any time of year. You’ll just need to submit a request and make a plan/mission statement for your club.

This is your club, so of course, you will make your own plan for the club purpose and activities.

If you’d like inspiration here are some ideas:

The purpose of your club:

The Girl Empowerment Club’s mission is to support and empower girls all over the world using the Telle app. We will meet weekly, find questions on the app and answer them as a club. We will also work on posts about topics we think are helpful to other girls, and find ways to share knowledge and empower girls on Telle and in the real world.

Suggestions for activities you can do:

1. Go over questions girls posted on Telle, find one to discuss and answer it as a club
2. Think of topics that girls would be interested in or information and advice that would be helpful to girls, and create a post or a thread about that:
Some examples:
If you are in high school you can post about transitioning from middle school to high school
Answer questions about puberty
About losing friends in middle school (who hasn’t?)
How to deal with parents
LGBTQ support
How to deal with school stress
Have a perfect comeback? Share it on the "comeback vault". So that other girls will be ready with their comebacks when they need them.

Check out the community section of Telle for more ideas and inspiration.

3. Find activities you can do in real life - like helping at a women’s homeless shelter, raising money for these shelters etc.

Telle is a girl empowerment club, but this does not mean boys can’t join! Some club have boys and they can help empower girls too!

How to set up a club on the Telle app:

Setting up a club is super easy. Download Telle here:

Then go to: “community” => and then to the “You” tab and tap “start a club”
Name your club, invite the people you want to join the club …and you are done!

Now you can answer questions and post to the community as a club. You can also communicate with the rest of the club on “Telle IRL” - alert them about meetings and events and share questions from the Q&A section so you can all think about them before your meeting.

Managing the club - you can add members, remove members who left/graduated and add more admins from the menu of the club.

How to spread the word about your club

Club Rush - most schools have a club rush sometime close to the start of the school year
Make sure you sign up for club rush, get a friend or two (or three) to join the leadership team (president, co-president, vice president, treasurer etc.) and prepare flyers for your recruitment station. If you’d like Telle stickers for your club members email us - and we will send you some.

You can create flyers on your own using Canva (free version) or similar software and post them all over the school Example for a flyers (we used a template from Canva):

You can also post on your social media accounts and find a group that way. You don't need a lot of people to start a club just find some like-minded people and get started.
Good Luck!